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Brew Guides: Espresso

We've put together our go-to guides for the most popular brewing methods, these are by no means set in stone, nor can we promise a perfect result each and every time. What we can do however is provide you with a great foundation for a good brew, and allow for a bit of wiggle room and your own experimentation. 


Dose finely-ground coffee into your portafilters. Try and match the dosage to the recommended size of your portafilter baskets. We recommend brewing espressos at 1:2 ratio. So if we dose 20g of coffee, we will pull 40g of liquid espresso. 

The total brewing time should come up to anywhere between 25 - 35 seconds. Grind your coffee finer if your shot is too quick and grind coarser if its too long.

Essentially, espresso brewing is about finding the right combination of variables - Dose, Brew Ratio and Grind Size, which allows you to brew the right amount of coffee within a stipulated time.