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Brew Guides: Aeropress

We've put together our go-to guides for the most popular brewing methods, these are by no means set in stone, nor can we promise a perfect result each and every time. What we can do however is provide you with a great foundation for a good brew, and allow for a bit of wiggle room and your own experimentation. 


What you need:

  1. AeroPress – Chamber, Plunger & Filter Cap
  2. AeroPress paper filter
  3. Decanter
  4. Scale
  5. Timer
  6. 230 grams filtered water
  7. Kettle – Regular or Temperature Variable Control
  8. 13g of Coffee beans (Recommended) / Medium-fine grind coffee
  9. Stirrer
  10. Serving mug

Before we start:

  1. Heat up the water to 93°C. If you are using a conventional kettle without a thermometer, boil the water and allow it to settle for 1.5 minutes.
  2. Place the paper filter into the filter cap and give it a quick rinse with hot water.
  3. Align the plunger and chamber at No. 4 and give it a quick rinse with hot water to pre-heat the brewing vessel.
  4. Grind your coffee to Medium-fine grind size (if you are using coffee beans).
  5. Weigh out 13g of ground coffee and place it evenly into the Aeropress to form a flat bed.
  6. Tare the scale. 

Brewing steps:

This is an Inverted Aeropress brewing method. The recipe we will be using today follows a 1:15 brew ratio – 13 grams of ground coffee to 200 grams of filtered water. 

Step 1 – First pour

Start the timer and introduce 50 grams of water evenly. Stir the coffee bed 5 times and ensure that all of the coffee grounds are evenly saturated. 

Step 2 – Second Pour

Continue to pour the remaining 150 grams of water. The rate of pouring should be quick and aggressive as a slow pour will shorten the steeping time

Step 3 – Brewing

Attach the filter cap with the filter paper to the Aeropress chamber and lock it into place. Allow the coffee to steep for 1 minute 30 seconds.

Step 4 – Extraction

At the 1 minute 30 seconds mark, invert the AeroPress and onto the decanter. Press down the plunger gently until you hear the air hiss. This should take you about 30 seconds.

Step 5 – Enjoy!

Remove the Aeropress and give the decanter a good swirl before pouring the coffee into a serving mug. Enjoy the delicious cup of brewed coffee!