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Bom Jardim, Brazil

RM183.00 MYR

Tasting Notes: Golden Raisin, Hazelnut and Milk Chocolate


Minas Gerais


Josué Pereira Figueiredo


900 - 1100 MASL


Yellow Catucai


Pulped Natural

From our long-standing relationship with the San Coffee collective comes a delicious coffee from the Minas Gerais region of Brazil. Growing up amongst coffee fields, Josué Pereira Figueiredo had his eyes on farming from an early age and established Bom Jardim estate in 1972 at just 26 years old. This lot is a great example of the sophistication of Brazilian coffee farming and Josué’s expertise in particular. Ripening a bright yellow, this Catucaí varietal goes through the pulped natural process delivering a rich, balanced cup with satisfying milk chocolate and raisin sweetness.

As part of the SanCoffee collective, Josué Pereira Figueiredo brings an incredibly detailed knowledge of coffee tree varieties. Graduating as an agronomist at just 25 years old back in the early ’70s, he was closely involved as a researcher with Brazilian institutes to evaluate the performance of coffee varieties on-farm. Establishing Bom Jardim in parallel, he put that academic knowledge to work in practice, planting out his estate with a wide array of coffee trees.

Bom Jardim now stretches across a vast 770 hectares with 230 hectares of that covered by organized orchard-like rows of coffee trees. At 1000masl, the relatively flat landscape allows for easy access to the trees by mechanized harvesters, critical in delivering the quality, volume, and sustainably competitive prices that make coffee from this region such a cornerstone of the specialty world.

Josué’s son, Lucas Pereira Figueiredo, now joins his father in managing not only the 230h hectares of coffee farming but the surrounding 154 hectares of preservation. With a strong focus on preserving the nature around them and the wellbeing of the 30+ workers who help run the estate, this is a coffee that we’re very excited to share with you!