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Yirgzero, Ethiopia

Yirgcheffe is the place where heirloom varieties, naturally organic farming practices, high altitudes and perfect growing conditions converge. The 'zero' in Yirzero refers to the absence of defects in this coffee, thanks to the extra cash incentives which are given to the women who painstakingly sort by hand a much smaller amount of coffee over a much longer period of time. The end result is an immaculate 'zero defect' lot from Yirgacheffe.

This particular lot is one which demonstrates all the quality markers this region is famous for — distinct floral notes, sweet citric acidity and delicate flavour complexity. As an Ethiopian Commodities Exchanged (ECX) lot, the cherries are first handpicked by small-holder farmers within the different kebeles (neighbourhoods) and sold at a buying centre to acrabies or their agents (the owners of the washing stations). Naturally processed or fully washed and dried on raised beds, coffees from the four woredas (districts) of YirgaCheffe (Kochere, YirgaCheffe, Gelana Abaya and Wenago) are graded for quality and stored in parchment at the ECX delivery centre in Dilla, until they are auctioned on the ECX floor in Addis Ababa.

90% of all coffee exported out of Ethiopia goes through the ECX. While the ECX offers little traceability and transparency, hundreds of lots were cupped to isolate this particular profile and create this lot.


Lemongrass, Peach and Black Tea

Country Ethiopia
Region Kochere YirgaCheffe
Altitude 1800 - 2200 masl
Variety Heirloom
Drying Sun Dried