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Villamaría, Colombia

RM54.00 MYR

Tasting Notes: Redcurrant, Green Apple and Dark Cherry


Villamaría, Caldas


Raw Material Coffee




1800 MASL


Colombia, Castillo

Here we have another delicious Colombian coffee from our processing and exporting partners at Raw Material Coffee. Villamaría is the name of a small Colombian town with a local government in the broader district of Caldas. Villamaría neighbours Neira, Palestina, Chinchina and Manizales in the South Central area of Caldas. All of which benefits from lush surroundings and abundant natural water sources for coffee-growing communities.

Villamaría is a drying station located near Raw Material's El Fénix community wet mill and farm in Chinchiná, Caldas. This station serves and represents 30 coffee-growing families in the area that grow their coffee at altitudes higher than the station itself. Situated at a lower altitude with its notably hotter micro-climate, Villamaría has an ideal setting for honey and natural processing.

All the coffee lots are produced with the aid of dehydrator systems to moderate the influence of humidity and temperature during the final, critical stages of the drying process. Combining traditional sun-drying with mechanical dehydrators allows for a better grasp of the variables, eventually giving us a crispier and sweeter quality in the coffee.

Raw Material recognises and pursues specialty coffee as the solution to influence three types of positive impact, economic, social, and environmental. They enable financial freedom for vulnerable people working in volatile coffee markets, contribute education and development toward the well-being of coffee communities, and offer sustainable practices to strengthen the viability and likelihood of a healthy future working in and for the coffee sector.