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Raimutin, Timor-Leste

RM65.00 MYR

Tasting Notes: Honey, Red Berry and Chocolate Caramel




Small Holders




1700 - 1800 MASL


Timor Hybrid, Moka, Typica

Our relationship with Raw Material has brought us to new regions and communities worldwide. As they extend their operations to different countries with unique challenges, our confidence in their models and expertise grows with them. There are real opportunities to shift economic development for local farming communities - most of which are already in motion.

This will be our first ever featured coffee from Timor-Leste, one of the youngest countries to find independence in 2002 after suffering 25 years of civil conflict, devastated infrastructure, and over 200,000 lives lost. Over 90% of this country's income is oil and gas, but the finite resources are running dry and predicted to be exhausted in 10 - 14 years time. Agriculture - coffee, to be exact - is now the leading focus and future promise towards a stable economy. Coffee is Timor-Leste's second highest-earning commodity, right after oil.

Raw Material has established its core operations out of the municipality of Ermera, the largest coffee-producing of the total 13 municipalities in Timor-Leste. Despite their history in coffee production, 60% of Ermera's population alone lives below the poverty line, yet is only a small part of the widespread poverty that threatens over 40% of the country's population. Raw Material is expanding their efforts with every coming harvest season, with farmers now capable of producing award-winning coffees. They're now exporting over 90% of their output at 2x - 3x above the average nation's coffee price.

This fantastic coffee originates from the Raimutin suco (village) community. Farmers deliver and process cherries daily at the Atsabe processing station in Baboe Kraik, an area sitting on an elevation of 1400MASL. Raimutin is a honey process made up of unique local hybrid varieties. With incredible consideration and an all in-house designed processing centre, Raw Material managed to avert unnecessary machinery and arduous handling, drawing experience from working in other coffee-producing countries, using only readily available materials and existing construction to address the challenges unique to Timor-Leste's coffee communities.

Among many exciting projects for Timor-Leste, Raw Material is building their first on-site cupping lab in the Atsabe village. Run entirely by local women, this will be the start of quality control and collaborative information hubs connected to local communities. The goal is to replicate the success they found in Colombia with the same model.