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Pullman Tamper (Base + Handle)

RM775.00 MYR

Simply the best tampers on the planet.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, the Pullman Tamper is an ergonomic joy with a comfortable curve running throughout all its components; and now you can build your own with two different base options (58mm & Big Step) and seven colour options (burgundy, cobalt, stealth, forest, argent, oak & jarrah) for the handle.

The 58mm base comes with engraved lines on the side of the base to make dosing and tamping consistent every time. In addition, there’s also the option to add one of the three height adjustment spacers between the base and the handle. This feature is supplied with each tamper and provides a total of four different height combinations over an 8mm range.

The BigStep base refers to the design of the larger diameter 'stepped edge' of the base, measuring in at 58.55mm (+/- 0.02mm).

This base shape enables a maximum surface area of coffee to be covered during tamping, including the prevention of a pinched edge of coffee particles or vacuum effect that can occur when using a large (or incorrectly) sized base - see photos for a more detailed explanation of how this works.

Please note - this base is designed for those who follow a standard tamping technique, with a vertical movement applied only.