Mlama, Tanzania
Mlama, Tanzania
Mlama, Tanzania
Mlama, Tanzania
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Mlama, Tanzania

Positioned at the grand Mt. Kilimanjaro slopes, Mlama farm is one of many farms managed and supported by African Plantations Kilimanjaro and Vava Coffee. APK was founded by Oro Molida, a third-generation coffee company with growing and processing foundations in Colombia. Since 2010, the objective of APK is to marry their long-standing experience, research, and precise practices with the natural wonders of the Tanzanian climate and soil.

Vava Angwenyi founded Vava Coffee in 2009. This social enterprise and certified B-Corporation began in Nairobi, Kenya. Composed of passionate individuals and farmers who aim to empower communities, stir positive social disruption, and introduce sustainable economic growth for coffee growers. In a traditionally male-dominant agricultural industry, Vava's primary driving force is to bring women and youth to the front of quality coffee production on an international market.

All of APK's farms are uniquely located on mesas around Mt. Kilimanjaro. These mesas are elevated, flat landscapes that provide plenty of accessible growing areas supplemented with rich volcanic soil and remarkable climate. Being in such close vicinity to the equator offers year-round Sun for consistent seasons. What's even more impressive is that APK utilizes solar power on all of its farms, removing risk from generally poor infrastructure in rural regions.

As a result of APK and Vava Coffee's collaborative efforts, this coffee tastes exceptional and has improved livelihoods. Together, they have effectively funded 38 local schools, medical care for rural communities, and agricultural education programs for women and youth.

This natural process coffee presents a melon sweetness with flavors of dates and berries. It is as remarkable in the cup as the journey it took to get here.

Tasting Notes

Ripe Melon, Dates, and Berries

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Mt. Kilimanjaro


APK & Vava Coffee




1305 - 1380 MASL


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