Luis Miguel Diaz, Colombia
RM74.00 MYR

Luis Miguel Diaz, Colombia

This single varietal and superb microlot is solely produced by Luis Miguel Diaz at Finca Villaroa. His coffee cherries were strictly picked to the same degree of ripeness and floated in water to separate the denser, fully developed cherries. It’s then hand sorted and exposed to a dry anaerobic fermentation of 15 hours. The coffee is then placed on wooden patios to dry down to ideal moisture content.

The dry anaerobic fermentation method removes oxygen from the interaction of bacteria, yeast, and sugars in the coffee. This results in a lush profile with layered fruit flavours in this microlot. 

Luis Miguel is one of the first growers to produce naturals in Colombia, but unfortunately due to the challenging microclimate conditions of the region and low demand for naturals, he stopped producing naturals in 2017.

Since Luis Miguel met our exporting partners at Cofinet, he was encouraged to produce naturals again and managed to improve his procedures. In collaborative efforts, he picked up on certain practices at Cofinet’s own processing station, Finca La Pradera. He continues to receive support and assistance by Cofinet’s processing team.


Strawberry, Passionfruit, and Black Vanilla


Region Armenia, Quindio
Producer Luis Miguel Diaz
Altitude 1150 - 1200 MASL
Varietal Castillo