Leonid Ramirez Washed Process - Filter Roast
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Leonid Ramirez Washed Process - Filter Roast

One of 3 special processes, this coffee is grown by Leonid Ramirez at Finca La Cortina de Hierro, this is the third season we have been in partnership with the Ramirez family. Leonid sells his cherry direct to the La Pradera mill where they process and dry the coffee. The inherent high quality and complexity of Leonids coffee combined with expert processing generate a spectacular and unique coffee.
Last season Leonid produced Washed and Honey processed coffees and the results were outstanding! These coffees are a collaborative effort with our friends at Cofinet handling much of the processing of the cherry and parchment purchased directly from Leonid. The crew at Cofinet continue to work with Leonid offering advice and help with improving his farming practices, processing infrastructure and ability to process the majority of his washed and honey lots locally at farm level.
After the success of 2018s lots, we approached Cofinet and Leonid to expand this range of processes to include a naturally processed lot. It's not often you get to experience a coffee produced by a single farmer, using the same varietal and processed in three different ways, which we then released as an exclusive trio product, "Trust The Process".
Via this relationship, Leonid is paid as much as four times the local market price for his parchment and coffee cherries. This increased level of income has also allowed for many of the aforementioned upgrades in drying space and investments to improve Leonid's own living conditions.


Green Apple, Plum and Prune


Country Colombia
Producer Leonid Ramirez
Altitude 1850-1900 Masl
Variety Variedad
Processing Washed