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La Estrella, Nicaragua

RM156.00 MYR

Tasting Notes: Lime Juice, Mandarin and Caramel Tart


Ocotoal, Nueva Segovia


Beneficio La Estrella


1100 - 1700 MASL


Caturra, Catuai, Bourbon



This star of Nicaraguan coffees return to our lineup once again, and we welcome it back gladly as it tastes cleaner and sweeter than ever. La Estrella (meaning the star) is situated in Nueva Segovia and comprises about 130 different producers. This growing region is a considerable distance - 225km to be exact - from the country's capital of Managua, especially near the Honduras border. Nueva Segovia is also part of Cordillera de Dipilto - Jalapa Natural Reserve, with magnificent biodiversity of flora and fauna, giving life to the microclimate and terroir.

La Estrella comes from Beneficio La Estrella, a processing mill founded in 2013 by our partners at Caravela. The symbolic name is a meaningful representation from the first few samples shared into the specialty market, leaving an incredible impression of potential on coffee buyers. This mill is considered one of a kind in Nicaragua, introducing immense positive change and growth for specialty coffee in the region. To Caravela, La Estrella is a 'shining light' and constant reminder of why they started and where they want to be.

The La Estrella coffee is a blend of various coffees from producers that reside near the mill. This blend is made possible as the collective effort of new producers from smaller towns around Nueva Segovia, including Macuelizo, Dipilto, San Fernando, Mozonte and Jalapa. This collective and blend model is practised across other coffee countries that Caravela operates in. It's designed to maximise opportunities for producers, allow easier market access, and increase producer profitability by combining small lots to form sizeable blends with specific flavour profiles.

Nueva Segovia is the cradle of specialty coffee in Nicaragua, where most producers are proud to show recognition and awards for producing the best coffees. In addition, the micro-climates in Nueva Segovia provide optimal conditions for growing top-notch coffees. Caravela is proud of the Nicaraguan producers and their partnerships for more than 7 years; producers have risen to the challenges and have been open and willing to make changes despite the adversities that the country and the coffee industry have experienced in recent years.