Kuala Lumpur - Sensory Skills and Coffee Knowledge
RM350.00 MYR

Kuala Lumpur - Sensory Skills and Coffee Knowledge

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Prerequisites - None
Duration - 2.5 Hours

In this class, we cover the basics of applying tasting and olfactory skills to a coffee tasting experience. In addition to tasting high quality coffees from a variety of origins, altitudes and processing styles, we will learn about the supply chain and see what’s involved in producing some of the best coffee on the planet (and how it differs from the rest).

This class contains the following content:

  • Palette Training – using chemical solutions and brewed coffee examples, we will explore how we experience the four big tastes: bitter, sweet, salt and sour
  • Olfactory Training – using the Le Nez Du Café aroma kits and the Coffee Tasters Flavour Wheel, we’ll start building our sensory memory in relation to coffee, as well as calibrate as a group
  • Coffee Tasting – we’ll show you how to evaluate coffee in a traditional cupping or filter coffee tasting format
  • Coffee Knowledge – let us educate you in the coffee supply chain all the way through the farmer, mill, export/import process, sourcing roasting and, finally, brewing.