Kuala Lumpur - Latte Art Techniques
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Kuala Lumpur - Latte Art Techniques

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Prerequisites - Fundamental Barista Skills or Equivalent Experience
Duration - 3 Hours

For experienced baristas who can already produce reasonably good milk, or those who have completed Fundamental Barista Skills, we have the following course. In it, we work exclusively on free-pouring latte art including hearts, rosettas and tulips.

This class contains the following content:

  • Purely milk focused – this class consists of three hours of steaming, pouring and comparing
  • Steaming technique – we delve deep into the skills required to produce great milk repeatedly
  • Digital – we have digital recorders on hand to show you how you’re doing in post-pour analysis
  • Multiple patterns – in this session, we take you through free poured, layered love hearts, tulips and rosettas
  • Presentation – this class is all about achieving attractive and consistent coffees, with a focus on contrast over complexity.