Konga, Ethiopia - Filter Roast
Konga, Ethiopia - Filter Roast
Konga, Ethiopia - Filter Roast
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Konga, Ethiopia - Filter Roast

Wote/Konga is one of three washing stations owned by Mekuria Mergia, and always been attractive for many roasters. This particular washing station is located in the southwest of Yirgacheffe.

In December 2019, our exporting partners decided to re-visit Mekuria Merga at one of his stations called Wote, very close to Gedeb. They sat down and shared a traditional cup of coffee in a handmade hut and discussed his operational strategy. Because of the high prices, long rains, and overall lower yields in recent years, Mekuria decided to pivot to focus solely on high-quality Grade 1 coffee. He processes a limited amount of both washed and naturals from his stations and wanted to find a partner that would be able to distribute his coffees around the world. Knowing that his Hambela coffee was one of the best selections of the year, it was natural for us to commit to buying this coffee (Konga).

Konga is a wonderful contrast to our Hambela coffee. While the floral and light-bodied Hambela is considered as the "new" Yirgacheffe by our producing and exporting partners, the Konga boasts syrupy, sweet notes with floral hints. A rich and heavy-bodied Ethiopian coffee accompanied by pleasant flavours of hazelnut and pine nuts.


Osmanthus, Cane Sugar, Pine Nuts


Region Gedeb
Producer Small Holders
Exporter Mekuria Merga
Processing Washed
Altitude 1950 - 2000 MASL
Variety Dega