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Heza, Burundi - Filter Roast

Gitwe stretches from Heza washing station all the way to the main road that runs though the northern province of Kayanza. As almost every hour the hill bustles with the activity of villiage life. People run alingside cars with baskets full to the brim of onions and potatoes to sell. Carpenters craft planks of wood into tables in the small town‰۪s centre. Fig trees stand tall on either side of the hill, casting a welcoming shade from the hot East African sun. An assortment of onions, sweet potato, maize, banana, cassava, beans and cabbage are grown alongside coffee in the hills rich soils.

Gitwe carries deep scars from it's violent past butåÊthere is anåÊunrivalled unityåÊamongst the people here. TheyåÊhave worked hard to develop as a community, coming together to build schools for their children and homes for their neighbours. With the help of Anicet and Patrice, the two coffee scouts dedicated to working on the hill, they are also learning best farming practices toåÊcultivate coffee growth. Before the scouts, farmers weren‰۪t aware of the harm the antestia bugs ‰ÛÒ the colourful critter linked to the potato defect ‰ÛÒ could cause to their coffee and there was no one to show them how to prune their trees or explain why this is important. The scouts‰۪ hard work has renewed farmers‰۪ interest in growing coffeeåÊand the Gitwe farmers are now pioneering a way of irrigating their coffee by building water channels alongside their farms. These channels collect rain water, which slowly irrigates their coffee trees and other crops.

The Long Miles farm can be found on one of Gitwe‰۪s slopes, just above the washing station. Here the coffee trees are grown alongside their neighbours and the 2018 coffee season will be the first time we harvest and taste from the LMCP own plants.


Blackcurrant & red grape flavours with a sticky body and lingering, sweet aftertaste


Country Burundi
Region Gitwe Hill
Producer Long Miles Coffee Project
Altitude 1960 masl
Variety Heirloom, Bourbon