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Heza Hills, Burundi

RM156.00 MYR

Tasting Notes: Blackcurrant, Red Grape and Raspberry


Mixed Hills, Kayanza


Long Miles Coffee Project


1960 MASL


Heirloom, Bourbon



Our relationship with our Burundian partners, Long Miles Coffee Project, dates back to 2016. Since then, we've featured their inspiring coffees and stories from various hills like Nkonge and Gitwe and the collective lot from Heza every year. The Heza washing station perches on one side of Gitwe hill, one of the many hills that produce and contribute coffee towards this larger lot of coffee that we've named 'Heza Hills'. These rolling hills at the northern province of Kayanza each have their own community of farming families that deliver cherries to Heza. There are five main hills and approximately 5000 smallholders in this Heza lot. Not a moment goes that the hills aren't bustling with village life or community projects, a notable few of which are Long Miles' initiatives.

The agriculture industry - and coffee specifically - have a dark and violent history for Burundians. An impoverished country, with a majority of the population living beneath the poverty line, Long Miles Coffee Project had set out to bring farmers out of the problematic state of survival and into progressive, thriving social and economic opportunities for the communities that solely rely on their produce. Regardless of circumstances, the coffee communities have a powerful bond and work together to build better lives for one another. Long Miles realised that coffee is at the centre of opportunities for significant, positive impact.

Every harvest season poses new challenges. Whether it's irregular rain patterns, forces of climate change, low-yielding coffee trees, power outages, damaged infrastructure, logistical issues, or even questionable government policies being spontaneously introduced that disrupts the supply chain. To add to the list, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in many unprecedented obstacles that leave growing communities and coffee exporters nationwide vulnerable.

Long Miles and their extensive team of Coffee Scouts, station managers, community managers, and all the people involved from the field to the cupping lab find ways to persevere despite adversity. First and foremost is great quality coffee, and we're moved to have these coffees on hand. Heza Hills is a densely sweet, ripe coffee reminiscent of mixed berries with a delectable body.