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Finca Rosma, Guatemala

RM65.00 MYR

Tasting Notes: Ripe Pear, Dates, Plum




Fredy Morales




1500 - 2000 MASL


Typica, Bourbon, Caturra

Back in 1963, Fredy Morales' father purchased a plot of land in Huehuetenango that would become Finca Rosma at a later date. Back in the 60s, the area was barely accessible, and you had to travel on foot or horseback. The land wasn't used to cultivate any crops until 1982 when Fredy took over and turned it into a small coffee farm. Soon after, he found a nearby water source and built road access, eventually constructing his own processing mill.

Huehuetenango, often referred to as “Huehue" and pronounced "Whe-whe", is home to the highest altitudes of Guatemala with an exceptionally dry and pleasant climate. It's always been one of the country's most remote areas, making commuting for farmers a challenge. As a trade-off, water sources are abundant, allowing for independent coffee processing on the same land as the farm.

Finca Rosma is situated among Sierra de Los Cuchumatanes where the ambient temperature varies between 14 - 28 degrees Celsius and the rugged terrain is natural to the mountainous region. As beautiful as the land is, it does pose challenges for cultivation and transportation, amongst other things.

Finca Rosma is recognised and classified as a sustainable coffee farm for carefully managing two key criteria, environmental and social responsibility. To conserve soil and biodiversity on the farm, the coffee trees are surrounded by a canopy formed by native trees that both act as shade and as a source of organic matter production, returning nutrients into the soil. On the social front, they offer homes, education and medical care for all their farm employees and families.