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Drip Bags - Nkonge, Burundi

RM62.00 MYR

Tasting Notes: Molasses, Caramelized Peach and Stewed Fruits


Nkonge Hill, Kayanza






1941-2127 MASL


Heirloom, Bourbon

Our relationship with our Burundian partners, Long Miles Coffee Project, dates back to 2016. Since then, we've featured their inspiring coffees and stories from various coffee growing hills surrounding their processing station, Heza, in the Kayanza province. Not a moment goes that the hills aren't bustling with village life or community projects, a notable few of which are Long Miles' initiatives.

This Nkonge hill natural lot was our first-ever micro-lot from Burundi in 2016. When it first entered our line-up, we were moved by how welcoming and delighted our local coffee communities were with their first Burundian coffee experience. The coffee from Nkonge hill is sweet and complex, rich with a medley of seasonal fruit notes. We're tasting stone fruits and molasses, combined with a heavier sweetness that brings to mind fresh fruit cooked in sugar and spices.

A fair walking distance from the Heza processing station, there's a wonderful stillness to be found roaming Nkonge hill. When standing on the main mountain road, coffee trees among banana and tea plantations blanket the hill as far as the eye can see. The hill's slightly higher elevation than its neighbours nurtures slower-growing coffee fruits, allowing for more dense flavours and elegant acidity. Natural spring water runs off the hill, ensuring the land is always well watered.

The Long Miles' Coffee Scouts' support the local communities. They're a varied team of educators, community managers, mill experts, agronomists, and experienced farmers. In turn, farmers are never short of support, whether in building infrastructures like irrigation channels or communal workshops on pruning trees or producing organic fertilisers. With the help of coffee scouts, farmers are slowly rejuvenating their farms. The scouts contribute significantly to farmers' knowledge of growing and taking care of their coffee. The scouts are also working hard to motivate young people to take an interest in coffee. Their vision is to form a youth association and source land for them to start their own farms.

The agriculture industry - and coffee specifically - have a dark and violent history for Burundians. An impoverished country, with a majority of the population living beneath the poverty line, Long Miles Coffee Project had set out to bring farmers out of the problematic state of survival and into progressive, thriving social and economic opportunities for the communities that solely rely on their produce. Regardless of circumstances, the coffee communities have a powerful bond and work together to build better lives for one another. Long Miles realised that coffee is at the centre of opportunities for significant, positive impact.

Coffee is a lifeline for most people on the hills. It pays for school fees, clothing, livestock and home repairs. Farmers hope to develop their coffee crops to ensure a promising future for their children and the community.