common man coffee roasters popayan concuenta colombia single origin
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Popayan Cincuenta, Colombia - Filter Roast

Both family orientated and fiercely dedicated to coffee, the Primaveral Association of farmers welcomes us with open arms on each visit. The group unquestionably commands an inherent level of respect and their coffee embodies this dynamic approach.

The Primaveral coffee association is located high in the mountains of the Huila region of Colombia, between the towns of San Agustin and Pitalito.

The association currently consists of 54 farms of various sizes. People from these farms are elected to serve as officials within the association, covering such roles as president and treasurer.åÊ

All the association‰۪s coffee is brought to a central warehouse where the coffee is scored by the cupper. If the coffee does not score above an 86, it is sold to a local mill and/or exporter to be added to the regional blend. If the coffee scores from 86-88, it is kept and labelled as La Primaveral and the farmer is paid a differential. When a coffee scores 88-90 points, the farmer receives a premium and the coffee is set aside and sold as a micro-lot. If the coffee scores above 90, the farmer receives an even higher premium and again, the coffee is kept to be sold as an exclusive micro-lot. This means there is a proper incentive for the association as a whole to produce coffee of the very highest quality.


Soft lime and dried fruit flavours with a sweet, lingering aftertaste.


Country Colombia
Region Huila, Acevedo
Farm / Farms Asociacion Primaveral
Altitude 1300 - 1700 masl
Variety Caturra