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It all starts with great quality green beans. Our dedicated green bean buyers travel the globe establishing lasting relationships with quality producers from East Africa to Sumatra, from South America to India. Through our partnership with Five Senses Coffee, we are able to access raw product of amazing quality, allowing us to create our unique house blends and a market leading single origin offering.


Consistency is an expression of how well your baristas are trained, but it’s also a result of quality roasting. At CMCR, we understand that for you and your team to keep your loyal customers, you need to not only give them the best product, but do so day-in-day-out. To achieve that, you need a roaster that has tested quality control systems that ensure outstanding quality with every batch. We believe you also need a roaster that can be held accountable to this and react quickly when a change needs to be made.


We recognise that using amazing coffee is only part of any great cafe's story. Quality espresso machines, brewers and water boilers, as well as brewing gear are key components in any successful coffee programme, which is why we've developed longstanding relationships with pioneering designers and manufacturers like Synesso and their espresso machines, hand-built in Seattle which we are a distributor of in Singapore, or with Marco and their extensive range of quality brewers, boilers and grinders, or Loveramics and their range of high-quality ceramics, designed with the specialty coffee industry in mind.


Our dedicated CMCR Academy allows for a structured and complete training process, as opposed to the traditional on-site ‘everyone around the coffee machine’ style of training that many other wholesalers offer. Our Academy has been designed to offer its students the very best in coffee education, focusing on providing each student their own working space, so they can make their own mistakes and have their own successes. The curriculum we teach has been developed in the Australian Barista Academy and fosters real-world, quantifiable understanding on a full range of barista skills, teaching students how to implement their new understanding in a cafe environment.


We believe a holistic account management service is a vital part of any wholesale coffee relationship and see this as a critical point of difference that sets us apart. Our Account Managers provide objective feedback on quality, whilst ensuring that any coffee related issues are managed accordingly, whilst being an expert resource available to coordinate and execute a range of market-leading coffee programmes.

If you're interested to learn more about us and how we could support your business in reaching its goals, get in touch with us here.