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What's on our Brew Bar?

Regional Coffee

Our Regional Coffees represent what we believe to be great expressions of the qualities and flavours associated with the Single Origin Coffee's local growing environment, the processing methods used and the commitment to quality of our producing partners.

Heza, Burundi

The meticulous processing at Heza involves hand-sorting cherries for ripeness, double fermentation with similarities to Kenyan processing, and a unique "footing" process for parchment, akin to wine production. In this cup, we taste Blackcurrant, Plum, Blackberry.

MT Argopuro, Indonesia

Indonesia has a rich history of coffee production, and over the past couple of decades, there has been incredible growth and progress not only in quality and diversity but also in the development of high-quality coffee consumption both within and outside the country. In this cup, we taste Dark Chocolate, Chamomile, Green Papaya.

UnCommon Coffee

Our UnCommon Coffees take things a step further, exploring unique varietals, experimental processing methods and high scoring micro-lot coffees with the aim of introducing new ways of experiencing coffee and satisfying the adventurous among us.

Finagro AA, Tanzania

This coffee lot is from Finagro Estate, meticulously produced by the team at Edelweiss Coffee Estate in Tanzania. It features a special composite variety known as Batian, with genetic strains from various parent plants, including SL28, SL34, Sudan Rume, N39, K7, SL4, and a Timor Hybrid. In this cup, we taste Nectarine, Stonefruits, Rock Candy.

Ngoma, Kenya

Ngoma means 'drum' in Kiswahili and is named after the county of origin, Bungoma – or "eng'oma" in the local Bukusu dialect. While there are different versions of Bungoma's founding story, it is widely recognised as a historical gathering place for Bukusu elders where the rhythmic beats of drums would signal the meeting venue. In this cup, we taste Lemon Sherbet, BlackBerry, Honey.