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What's on our Brew Bar?

Regional Coffee

Our Regional Coffees represent what we believe to be great expressions of the qualities and flavours associated with the Single Origin Coffee's local growing environment, the processing methods used and the commitment to quality of our producing partners.

Tablón de Gómez, Colombia

Nestled in the majestic mountains, the region's crisp and chilly air creates the perfect conditions for the cherries to slowly ripen, developing sweet flavours and incredible acidity. In this cup, we taste Orange Zest, Blackberries, Honey.

São Paulo Yellow Catucai, Brazil

Our partners at Sancoffee focuses on empowering the growing community by promoting environmentally responsible and conscientious coffee production for higher quality beans. In this cup, we taste Butterscotch, Apricot, Pistachio.

UnCommon Coffee

Our UnCommon Coffees take things a step further, exploring unique varietals, experimental processing methods and high scoring micro-lot coffees with the aim of introducing new ways of experiencing coffee and satisfying the adventurous among us.

Acacia Hills Geisha, Tanzania

The coffee here is grown with a delicate acidity that pairs perfectly with the natural terroir of the region, resulting in an elegant flavour profile. The Geisha varietal is inherently complex, and when coupled with the washed processing method, it creates a coffee of stunning clarity. In this cup, we taste Jasmine, Lime and Peach.

Mutungati, Kenya

The coffee grown in this region are of unparalleled flavour potential due to the high altitude at which they are grown, ranging from 1800m to 2200m. The soils in this area are incredibly diverse, ranging from volcanic grey loam to red volcanic, adding to the unique cup profiles. In this cup, we taste Blackberries, Red Grape, Roselle Tea

Kiamabara, Kenya

Kiamabara comes from the Kiamabara Coffee Factory in Nyeri County, a stone's throw away from Karatina Town. One of its unique features is its proximity to the Kingu river, which serves as the factory's local water source, providing the production of high-quality, washed coffees. In this cup, we taste Blackcurrant, Lime, Mulberry.