Umoja, Tanzania - Filter Roast
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Umoja, Tanzania - Filter Roast

Amongst the rolling hills of the Songwe region of Tanzania, a partnership between the Mkulima Kwanza coop and Keremba and Mkunde’s Communal Shamba processing center is making waves. In just its third year of operation, this co-lab has lifted the coops’ coffee out of commodity, supported a regional health clinic and seen a 30x increase in specialty export – including this lot. Appropriately translating as ‘Unity’, the Umoja lot is offering stewed stonefruit, tart red currant and a soft milk-choc body that lingers.


Stewed Stone-fruit. Tart Red Currant with a Soft Milk-choc Body that Lingers


Country Tanzania
Producer Communal Shamba & Mkulima Kwanza
Altitude 1700 masl
Bourbon & Kent
Processing Natural
Drying Sun-Dried