Los Nacimientos, Guatemala
RM48.00 MYR

Los Nacimientos, Guatemala

The farm is run by Minor Salazar who, together with his family, has a great passion for quality coffee production. Los Nacimientos has suffered a severe roya attack, which has decimated 60% of their crop, all of which will require replanting. 

Despite this, upholding the coffee quality has remained his utmost focus. He has 8 permanent workers and an additional 80 during the harvest. Salazar has recently introduced contour planting and is working to further improve the farm in the coming years. 
An interesting note is of the social impact/program that they're currently running. Supporting a coffee nursery to help with coffee leaf rust-resistant varietals. 


Walnuts, Dark Chocolate & Cherries. Medium to heavy body with a nutty finish.


Country Guatemala
Region Ayarza
Farm / Farms Finca Los Nacimientos
Producer Minor Salazar 
Altitude 1170-1180 masl 
Processing Fully Washed
Variety Catuai, Bourbon, Typica, and Pache