Instant Specialty Coffee (50G) - 25 serves
RM105.00 MYR

Instant Specialty Coffee (50G) - 25 serves

Yes, it’s instant. Ethically sourced, specialty coffee. 

In releasing this product, we hope to prompt a conversation around removing the cost of our convenience. We’re not talking money, we’re talking livelihoods. 
For a long time, many of us have sacrificed sustainability, fairness, provenance, and let’s be honest, flavour, for the sake of a convenient cup of coffee. We want to prove that this is no longer necessary. 

We’ve always been driven by the desire to make specialty coffee approachable. These days, that means exploring alternative brewing methods, making it easier than ever to enjoy great coffee, without the need for fancy equipment or hours of study, but with the knowledge of exactly where the coffee came from and what your support means to local coffee farming communities.

Ingredients: Our CMCR Espresso Blend, that’s it! 

Tasting Notes: This blend can be all that you need with incredible complexity of flavours, ranging from subtle, floral and light citrus notes, to such dark-fruits and baker’s chocolate. 

How to Brew: 1 Teaspoon (2gms) to 200mls of Hot Water/Milk of Choice.