Ardi, Ethiopia
Ardi, Ethiopia
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Ardi, Ethiopia

Sidama is arguably one of the most recognised and celebrated regions for high quality naturally processed coffees. Although it may seem simple enough to omit removing the skin and reduce the amount of processing required, a successful natural coffee that meets specialty requirements can be the hardest and riskier coffee to produce.

Ensuring the correct level of ripeness is selected every time as well as continual hand rotation on raised drying beds while managing any unexpected weather is an absolute must. The goal is for an even and consistent drying / fermentation while avoiding any bacteria or mold build up through good air flow, dry conditions and continual movement.

Ardi coffee is processed at a mill in the Guji area of Sidamo zone near Michicha and Kelenso Moconissa town. The variety is heirloom and the elevation is between 1750-1900masl. This combination is a recipe for excellence and it’s no wonder these coffees are always highly sought after.

The name Ardi comes from the discovery of a 4.4 million year old human fossil (named Ardi) discovered in Ethiopia in 2009, it’s being referred to as the ‘missing link’.


Mixed berries & ripe orange, jammy texture with a lingering dark chocolate finish


Country Ethiopia
Region Sidama Zone
Altitude 1750-1900 masl
Processing Natural
Drying Sun Dried