Acacia Hills, Tanzania - Filter Roast
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Acacia Hills, Tanzania - Filter Roast

Acacia Hills Estate is located in Ngorongoro, one of three main coffee regions of Northern Tanzania. It's a three hour drive west from the Arusha region. The Estate has been in existence for over 50 years with little being changed until 2013 when Mark Stell from Portland Roasting Company partnered with local Tanzanian coffee farmers, Leon and Aideen Christianakis to purchase the Estate. They set out to revive Acacia Hills Estate and introduce a new 'specialty' approach, focusing on influential factors such as coffee varietals, method of processing, soil analysis, topography, and more.

Ngorongoro is a unique coffee growing landscape with varying altitude, from as low as 1000masl up to 2000masl and above. The farm itself is the highest altitude farm in the region and they have planted the Geisha and Pacamara varieties at the very top at 1900masl, whilst the lower altitudes are dedicated to Bourbon and Kent varieties.


Brown Sugar, Butterscotch and Blood Orange


Country Tanzania
Region Ngorongoro Crater
Farm Acacia Hills
Altitude 1600 - 1900 masl
Variety Bourbon, Kent
Drying Raised beds