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MiiR Pourigami Kit

RM200.00 MYR

At CMCR, our mission is to "Impact people's lives positively."

While we are a Singaporean company, we always had a close relationship with Malaysia beyond our cafe in TTDI, KL. Several team members in CMCR are Malaysian, and we can't look away from the severity of the pandemic's hardships for the nation's people. However, a little compassion goes a long way, and together we can change circumstances for those that need it most. So we'll do it how we know best, through coffee.

This product and initiative are in collaboration with SESO Malaysia (read more about them below).

We put together a brewing kit with a new device we're excited to share, the MiiR Pourigami. It includes the following coffees (whole or ground, your choice) from our current roasting lineup, so there's something for everyone. We will also be hosting an IG Live on September 5th at 2:00 PM to demonstrate and share some educational brewing content! We will donate RM60 of every kit purchase to the cause with SESO Malaysia.

  • Adado, Ethiopia 
  • Lomas Altas, Guatemala
  • Diego Castro, Colombia

Included in the purchase of this kit:

  • 1 x MiiR Pourigami
  • 3 x 100gm Coffee Samples (Filter Roast)
  • Cafec Filter Papers
  • Nifty Pourigami User Guide

Note: Stocks are limited, and 23 Aug, at 11:59 pm is the cutoff date to purchase and allow ample shipping time before the IG Live.

We are collaborating with SESO Malaysia, a non-profit organization, to help provide household essentials and food aid to underserved families and homeless communities. During the pandemic, they have been actively sourcing, packing, delivering, and distributing "Boxes of Kindness" to charity homes and an average of 300 individual families every week! SESO also helps feed the homeless community by sourcing surplus goods, cooking, and distributing them. So treat yourself and lend a helping hand. Join us for our IG Live with your Pourigamis, test your brewing skills, and excite your coffee senses! With every purchase of the Pourigami set, you will be able to aid SESO in its efforts to continue helping underprivileged communities.  

About SESO and what they're doing

SESO is a non-profit enterprise with one main mission - to nourish the community through food. They focus on preventing quality, nutritious food and other surplus goods from going to landfills and redistributes them to those in need. They also focus on empowerment by reskilling and providing employment opportunities to their beneficiaries. SESO hire their beneficiaries to be involved in the cooking and transportation of delicious meals, and these meals will be served to the underprivileged community in need of food.
SESO provides food aid in two forms: hot meals (to the homeless since they can't cook) and 'boxes of kindness' (to families in need of food aid and household essentials).

Every hot meal is RM10 (with 2 dishes and water). Every box of kindness is RM60 which can help a family of 5 for one/two weeks. It consists of basic groceries such as biscuits, milk creamer, rice, instant noodles, baked beans, mee hoon, jagung (corn) bag, sugar, canned food (sardine, tuna etc.), oil, salt.
SESO's currently provide food aid to 15-20 charity homes, an average of 300 individual families all around Klang Valley and around 400 underprivileged/ homeless individuals every week. Therefore, every contribution will help SESO continue their operation and further their help to more families/ individuals in need of food aid.  

Too Long; Didn't Read

TL;DR. It's a brewing kit for the MiiR Pourigami. We'll be talking about it on IG Live (September 5th, 2:00 PM). Proceeds from every kit sold will provide food aid to underserved Malaysian families, individuals, charity homes, homeless communities, and more.