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Sitio Bela Vista, Brazil

RM64.50 MYR

Tasting Notes: Peach, Grape, Brown Sugar


Oliveira, Campo das Vertentes


Sebastião Ricardo Silveira




1000 MASL



Nestled within the picturesque region of Minas Gerais, the enchanting farm of Sítio Bela Vista embraces its role in Brazil's rich coffee heritage. Campo das Vertentes, with its sprawling high plateaus and gentle slopes, provides an idyllic setting for mechanized processes. This dynamic landscape boasts year-round rainfall, a well-timed dry spell for post-harvest activities, and a wide temperature range during the harvest season—a perfect symphony of elements fostering impeccable coffee bean maturation.

Sebastião Ricardo Silveira, an esteemed grower from Oliveira, skillfully harnessed the natural blessings of this region in 2022. His unwavering dedication resulted in an exceptional micro-lot of Arara coffee, a vibrant variety born from the union of Yellow Catuai and Obatã. Renowned for its lustrous yellow hue, resistance to rust, and capacity for crafting superb cups, Arara's compact structure facilitates effortless harvesting, while its robustness endures diverse conditions.

Come harvest time, Sebastião enlists the aid of his family, meticulously hand-picking cherries only at the pinnacle of ripeness. Each cherry is then spread across sun-drenched patios, gradually thickening over a 30-day period, ensuring uniformity and optimal drying.

Despite occupying a mere 0.6 hectares, the Silveira family lavishes unparalleled care on their crop, practicing sustainable methods and employing natural fertilizers and pest management. Bela Vista's golden latosol soil thrives, brimming with nourishing nutrients and preserving biodiversity. In harmony with the thriving environment, Sebastião's passion for beekeeping flourishes on the farm. Recently, their remarkable craftsmanship earned recognition from Sancoffee, a specialty coffee cooperative, as this exquisite micro-lot claimed its place as a finalist in the prestigious Best SanCup auction.