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El Tanque, Guatemala

RM62.00 MYR

Wilian is a second-generation coffee farmer who inherited this parcel of land from his parents. He grew up helping his family with their coffee, which motivated him to become a coffee farmer as an adult. However, growing high-quality coffee is a new endeavor for Wilian, something he embarked on three years ago. He knew that moving toward a better product could make the farm more profitable by allowing him to access higher prices. He learned enthusiastically and embraced innovation on Finca El Tanque. This passion has started to pay off for the family.

Translating to "the tank," El Tanque is named after a community water reserve situated at the farm. Environment preservation is a critical aspect of how El Tanque and neighboring coffee growers sustain their crops and processes.

"My whole family is dedicated to growing coffee, but three years ago, we realized we were wrongly focused on growing low-quality coffees. Our selling prices were low, and we earned very little profit. I recognized the problem and decided to innovate our methods and attend specialized training about producing quality Arabica coffee. This new direction and experience helped us as a family. Now we're enthusiastic about always improving our coffee quality." - Wilian in conversation with our exporting partners at Primavera, Colombia.

Tasting Notes

Dried Fig, Cherry and Apricot

Coffee Information




Wilian Carrillo




1705 - 1785 MASL


Caturra, Catuai, Paches, Bourbon