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Fundamental Barista Skills

RM300.00 MYR

This highly informative and technical course is a must for all coffee enthusiasts aspiring to be a full-fledged barista. As a practical workshop, this class will cover everything that you need to know on pulling consistently great shots of espresso and mastering proper milk frothing techniques. Our Essential Coffee Knowledge class and Fundamentals of Barista Skills make a great pair to complete your learning.

The class covers the following content:

  • Espresso Preparation Techniques – a skill-building session to develop great techniques for dosing, distributing and tamping
  • Quality Evaluation Training – adjustments to brewing parameters based on visual cues and sensory evaluation
  • Espresso Beverages – interpreting the coffee menu
  • Milk Frothing – identify ideal milk temperature, apply proper positioning and milk frothing techniques and introduction to free-pouring


Attendees will understand and be able to execute to an industry standard, espresso and frothed milk preparation, as well as being able to produce a delicious cup of coffee with basic latte art.


2.5 hours




A-G-1 New Podium, Plaza Vads No.1 Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad. 60000 KL